The Weight Gain Season Has Started!

Are you one of the many of us that gain Holiday weight?

Have you noticed that when we go from the hot summer weather to the cooler fall temperatures, we start looking for those warm, sweet comfort foods? Remember my article Just Say No? I warned that when the holiday season starts, we start finding excuses to turn to those holiday treats. So here I am, back to help you avoid Holiday weight gain.

Let’s take a stand for ourselves!

My desire is to help you through this year, so you won’t give into all those cravings or desires. The holidays are tough, because there is sort of a social dynamic of overeating, assisted by mass marketing, and accompanied by the emotional components of these foods in our lives. In other words, we don’t stand a chance unless we stand up for ourselves and do some serious combat.

I want to help you stand up for yourself and engage with all of these forces set against your bodyweight and health.

I will share some strategies with you that may help, but ultimately, you have to make the decision to stand up for yourself. So, that is the first step: Make the decision:

Let’s end the year strong and in control!


You know what you are facing: those cute sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins, next to the candy corn, caramel apples, and Krispy treats, which are hard enough to combat, and then you come to the Trick or Treat candy! You HAVE to buy, that, don’t you?Halloween Candy

Let’s face all of this head on, just like you would an advancing army! Starting with the Trick or Treat candy. Have you ever thought about giving something else out to those cute little trick or treaters? One year I bought glow sticks, probably an entire package for just a couple dollars. How many mothers would love you for giving out glow sticks instead of yet another candy bar that only raises the chances for childhood obesity?

How about cute little toys that you can find in those dollar stores? There are alternatives! Bubbles, balloons, you name it.

If you buy these little toys, then you don’t have chocolate candy bars sitting in your house from October to November. There is no temptation, unless of course, you want to play with those cute little toys, and that’s ok!

Now let’s face the Halloween treats.

You walk into the grocery store and there they are, bringing up all the memories of you and your family preparing them and eating them. You feel that warmth of love and want so badly to grab all those foods that remind you of those times.

But the food never showed you that love, it was your family and friends that gave you that feeling. Instead of grabbing the Krispy treats, pick up your cell phone and call your mother or sister or daughter, someone that gives you that feeling of love. Walk right past all of those sugar ladened enemies and feel the love with the person that you just called. Once you have done that, buy only the real food items on your list, and determine to walk out without giving your hard earned money to the giant corporations that are preying on your emotions.

Can’t I ever enjoy those treats from my childhood?

Caramel ApplesAbsolutely, you can enjoy them, but make a plan. One day, and one day only, decide what you want the most. Decide who you want to have them with and make sure it can be how you truly want the experience to be. If you are eating the caramel apples because it is your family tradition, then make it a one day tradition. “We eat these on the 30th of October”, or “those are for the last Sunday of the month, all together after dinner”. If you just grab one of those caramel apples and eat it alone, missing that family experience, it will feel hollow and you will just eat more to try to find the satisfaction you are missing.

Can’t have that experience you miss? My parents have both passed away, and obviously I can’t share experiences with them anymore. However, I have family now that I have different experiences with. But when I didn’t, and I was away from home, I used to do other things that I loved. I used to find a botanical garden and wander aimlessly there. Or I would find a coffee shop and take a great book. Find something you enjoy and makes you feel alive.

This is just the beginning.

Stay strong, we have two more months to get through. But remember, if you don’t gain the 5 – 10 pounds this year that most people gain, then you have a victory that will make you more determined to do great things in the future.temptation

I would love to hear from you. Let me know your plan for how you are going to rock this Holiday Season! Go to my Facebook Page and comment below.