The Tale of Two Car Owners

Take two car owners. Both have beautiful Mercedes that they are proud of. They wash them and keep them clean, and are very happy to get around in their vehicles.

However, one of the owners feels that this car may be expensive to keep up, so she decides to use the cheapest gas she can find. Also, when the low oil light comes on, she puts a bandaid over the light so she can’t see it. But as the lack of oil and the cheap gas are slowly deteriorating the car, she ignores the signs, until things go wrong.


When things go wrong, she takes it to the mechanic to fix. The mechanic looks at the condition of the car and tells the owner she needs to take better care of it; she needs to change the oil and use better gas.

However, the owner continues to treat the car the same way, and spends more and more time in the garage with the mechanic, who eventually says to himself, “that engine will need to be replaced soon!”

Then there is the second car owner. She also has a Mercedes, and likes to keep it washed and clean. However, she also knows it needs the best fuel possible, and keeps track of when the oil needs replaced, the tires need rotated, and makes sure all the maintenance that needs to be done is done on time. In fact, she also makes sure she has the best Mercedes mechanic she can find. One that understands that she wants to have this car for a long, long time. The oil light never goes on, because it doesn’t have to.

Eventually the dealer asks if she would like to sell the car, because it is in such good condition. She says, no, it will eventually be a classic car, so she will just keep taking really good care of it.

So which car do you think will end up on the scrap heap for parts, and which one do you think will end up a classic car?

Your body is like the Mercedes. If you take good care of it, you can keep humming smoothly through your life, but it takes the work of maintenance and feeding it the best fuel possible.
We are not cars, we aren’t mechanical beings, we are wonderfully made and it’s amazing what we can do. We’re so much more amazing than a Mercedes, so how much better should we take care of this vehicle that we move around in throughout our lives?

For another illustration, let me also tell you a bit about cars. If you don’t drive a car for a long time, it’s my understanding they put the engine on blocks. If you don’t, the lack of oil will rot the seals, gaskets and lines, which will make the engine unable to run until a lot of work is done to it. lot of replacement of parts. The engine needs to be run, to allow the oil to lubricate all the engine parts often enough to keep them running smooth.

Our bodies are the same in this respect, they need to be moved, so the body can be lubricated though that movement. It’s not just a fitness thing, it’s the lubrication of the joints, the muscles, the facia, the bursa and all the soft tissue; as well as moving the blood to every cell of the body and the lymph fluid to sweep out all the unwanted cells. Movement is essential to the well being of our bodies.

Take care of your body better than you would an elegant car…it’s worth far more to you!!

If you lost your health, what would you be willing to pay to get it back? What good are those things that you would spend your money on, if you can’t get out of bed to enjoy them? Don’t skimp on your health, make it a priority! 

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To your health!

Patti Bealer