Relaxing is a skill you can learn

Do you ever find yourself laying on the massage table, ready to relax every muscle on your body, and somehow you feel stiff as a board?  You have probably come in from a busy workday, with your mind in a problem solving

state.  It’s trying to remember all the details you have to remember, solve the problems you haven’t solved yet, and is reviewing all the decisions you have made today.  It may actually take some effort to calm your mind enough to calm your body.  Don’t give up, it can be done, and easily.  It is just a skill to learn, like any other skill; it just takes some practice. So, what do you do?

There are many approaches to this, but one of the easiest is to concentrate on your body parts.  You start with your feet; you think about how they feel.  You can even move them.  Then you think about your legs; perhaps tighten them and relax them.  Then think about your body; your hips, how they are sitting on the table, your spine and your lungs.  Take a deep breath, filling your lungs and releasing your breath.  Then you “feel” your arms, your wrists and your hands.  After that, you think of your neck and head.

The trick with this is it focuses your mind on something totally different than what has happened during your day.  It seems sort of “kookie” until you realize it works.  Once you have focused your mind on your own body, you are even more prepared to feel the comfort of the massage touch.

Give this a try the next time you receive a massage.