Holiday Party Challenge

Do you find yourself at the office potluck or a social gathering reaching for food to make you feel comfortable?

Take my Party Challenge!holidayparty

One of the issues with gatherings is they usually have less than healthy food choices.  Another one is you may not know very many of the people there, and the person that brought you may be caught up talking to all the people they know.  This may leave you with nothing else to do, but look to the food.

Are you more of an introvert, so gatherings can make you feel slightly uncomfortable?

Maybe you just don’t know anyone there.

As long as you are getting food, at least you are occupied.

You can even do this at a family gathering where you have some unresolved issues with someone there.  Or they have issues with you.

To keep you from reaching for the food to make you more comfortable, I have a challenge for you:

I call it the Party Challenge.  

Instead of reaching for the second plate of food, look for someone else who is alone and may not be sure what to do.  Walk up to that person and introduce yourself to them.  As an introvert, that is a difficult thing for me to do, but if I have it as a mission, or an assignment, for some reason I can do it.

First find out their name (not a hard assignment), and try to remember it.

Now, try to find out at least three things about them.  Engage them in enough conversation to find some things out about them, but in a relaxed, inquisitive manner.

The more awkward you feel at a gathering, the more people you should try to meet.  If you feel really awkward, give yourself a goal of meeting at least three different people.

That’s it!  The goal is to have you distracted enough with the assignment, that you will forget that those wonderful pies and cookies are sitting on the table. When you are done, the worst that can happen is you actually find out you may not really like one of those people.  Oh well.

Try it, and tell me if it worked for you or not.