Goals and the Learning Process

Weight loss and eating healthy both have one thing in common, you need to learn new habits and change things about yourself that you probably don’t want to change. There are lots of programs out there that claim to have a “quick fix”, but I am here to tell you that that is a mistake. In real life, there is no quick fix; the journey is the learning experience. That is what most people simply do not understand. Where you are is where you are, and the journey to where you want to be is the learning experience of your life; “getting there” isn’t even the goal. What happens when you “get there”? Well, your journey becomes “staying there”, which some people call maintenance. Chances are, there is something else in your life you need to learn, so you will need another goal for another journey. For some reason, this is what you have chosen for your goal, so make the learning the most important process. This will transform you in a way that you won’t understa373125090_4de2440009_ond until you actually learn what you need to know. Don’t short cut it, go the long slow route so you don’t miss anything.

When you were a baby, the goal of learning to walk was all consuming for a time. You learned you had to try and try and keep trying. One of your first learning processes was one of the most important things for you to learn. If you learned that then, for your next goal, talking, you learned the same lesson: keep trying until you conquer it. Somewhere along the line, we learned to give up. Why is that? Well, this is your chance to learn that first lesson all over again, because somehow we lost it. Keep on trying, working on your solution until you conquer your challenge.

When you fell down as a toddler, you didn’t berate yourself and feel like an idiot. You just tried again until you were temporarily frustrated with falling down. The next day you went on to try some more. Finally you could see yourself getting closer to your goal, but you were still falling; now you would call it failing, but were you failing or learning? In the process, your body had a lot to learn, muscles had to strengthen, and things had to happen before you could actually walk. The learning process was way more than learning a skill, it was a complete development of your muscular/skelital system as well as your nervous and cognitive systems. A short cut would have made you lose one of those lessons you needed for your future. Eye/hand coordination isn’t something you wake up with one day; it is a long process of learning and practice. I never bothered, so I don’t have good skill in that area; anything that requires that skill requires me to work harder in that area.

So remember, falling is not failing, it is just another step to “getting there”. When it comes to eating healthy and losing weight, we have many steps to take every day. You are either walking toward your goal, or away from it, or in some other direction. So every meal you have that does NOT get you where you want, detracts you. But you can choose to go back to the path and learn what makes you make those choices, and figure out what can help you make the best choices for you. This is true in all leaning paths, all journeys and all new habits. Whatever you learn in this learning experience will help you in all your others.

You know how to succeed, you learned that long ago. For some reason, you forgot. You just have to use what you learned, and keep going. One foot, firmly planted, then the next foot in front, in the direction you want to go, then plant it firmly. If you fall, get back up and do it again. Don’t give up. If you are walking, talking, and reading, you know how to do this. These are said to be the hardest skills we learn in our lives.

You got this.