Breast Cancer Awareness: Food As Medicine

  Breast Health Awareness: Food As Medicine This is actually the third article in a series to address breast health awareness. I began in October, which is usually known as breast cancer awareness month; I am continuing on, to present more of the information available, so you can have the mindset of breast health, instead … Read moreBreast Cancer Awareness: Food As Medicine

Aromatase Inhibitors and Cancer Treatment

I was watching television the other day and heard this commercial about this new medication for treating breast cancer, it is an aromatase inhibitor.  An aromatase inhibitor, as you may not know, is something that prevents sex hormones like testosterone, from converting to estrogen.  However, I know aromatase inhibitors in a different manner. Aromatase Inhibitors … Read moreAromatase Inhibitors and Cancer Treatment

Surviving the Holidays Without Weight Gain!

Are you looking forward to the Holidays, but not gaining all that weight? We know the Holidays usually means an extra 6 pounds to take off in January, but how do we avoid that and not end up with a dreary January? When Fall comes around, so does “that atmosphere”! It’s an exciting atmosphere of … Read moreSurviving the Holidays Without Weight Gain!