Eating to Reduce Insulin Resistance

There are a lot of ideas about how to reduce insulin resistance and high blood glucose levels that may lead to diabetes.  There are very well meaning people advocating their ideas, but do these ideas work?  We know that taking drugs may lower some blood sugar numbers, but it doesn’t cure the problem or address … Read more Eating to Reduce Insulin Resistance

Why Should I Care About My Blood Sugar?

Of all the health concepts being discussed nowadays, I’m not sure this one is discussed enough, yet it has some of the worst consequences.  I want to explain why you need to care about your blood sugar levels.  In the next article, I will explain what you can do to start reversing insulin sensitivity and … Read more Why Should I Care About My Blood Sugar?

What is Insulin Resistance?

You may have heard that pre-diabetes and diabetes can be caused by something called insulin resistance. It sounds like something is resisting insulin, and that’s correct, but do you know what is actually happening? Insulin Resistance happens at the cellular level. This is pretty geeky, and not absolutely technically correct. However, it’s my “layman’s” best … Read more What is Insulin Resistance?

Aromatase Inhibitors and Cancer Treatment

I was watching television the other day and heard this commercial about this new medication for treating breast cancer, it is an aromatase inhibitor.  An aromatase inhibitor, as you may not know, is something that prevents sex hormones like testosterone, from converting to estrogen.  However, I know aromatase inhibitors in a different manner. Aromatase Inhibitors … Read more Aromatase Inhibitors and Cancer Treatment