Eating to Reduce Insulin Resistance

There are a lot of ideas about how to reduce insulin resistance and high blood glucose levels that may lead to diabetes.  There are very well meaning people advocating their ideas, but do these ideas work?  We know that taking drugs may lower some blood sugar numbers, but it doesn’t cure the problem or address … Read moreEating to Reduce Insulin Resistance

Lowering Blood Sugar: Where Do I Start?

In my previous article Why Should I Care About My Blood Sugar, I talked about the seriousness of high blood glucose levels and how they affect your health.  In this article I would like to deal with some of the barriers to working on blood sugar levels, and eating healthy, as well as give you … Read moreLowering Blood Sugar: Where Do I Start?

Why Should I Care About My Blood Sugar?

Of all the health concepts being discussed nowadays, I’m not sure this one is discussed enough, yet it has some of the worst consequences.  I want to explain why you need to care about your blood sugar levels.  In the next article, I will explain what you can do to start reversing insulin sensitivity and … Read moreWhy Should I Care About My Blood Sugar?

Why We Have No Elders

The Balance Between New and Old Actually, I wanted to call this article “Conservative or Liberal, throwing the baby out with the bathwater”! But that sounds political, and this is not about politics, although it might be. To me, the term “conservative” means “conserving the wisdom of our past”, and liberal means “liberating ourselves from … Read moreWhy We Have No Elders

The Lost Art of Grateful Cooking

I guess your first response is “I understand the lost art of cooking, but what do you mean by grateful cooking?” Yes, we seem to have lost the art of cooking, but we have also lost the art of gratefulness. We think about what will “make us happy”, or stimulate our tastebuds, or complete our … Read moreThe Lost Art of Grateful Cooking