The Lost Art of Grateful Cooking

I guess your first response is “I understand the lost art of cooking, but what do you mean by grateful cooking?” Yes, we seem to have lost the art of cooking, but we have also lost the art of gratefulness. We think about what will “make us happy”, or stimulate our tastebuds, or complete our … Read more The Lost Art of Grateful Cooking

Don’t like vegetables?

Boy have I heard that one! For many people, their only exposure to vegetables has been the overcooked, bland mixtures their mothers made for them and were “forced” to eat. They have a really bad taste in their mouth (pun intended) for vegetables. Let’s just say, you may be prejudice. You have made an assumption … Read more Don’t like vegetables?

How to Make a Delicious Smoothie

Why do I always show pictures of smoothies? I love smoothies, it’s true.  They are the best way of not having to eat a salad everyday.  Honestly?  I am so lazy it would make your head spin.  I know that if I start my day with tons of healthy foods and superfoods, that I don’t … Read more How to Make a Delicious Smoothie