Does Your Liver Need a Rest?

  Does Your Liver Need a Rest? Liver, the unglamorous liver! It’s not a “sexy” organ like the heart. It doesn’t have exercises around it like breathing exercises for the lungs. It doesn’t even seem to really affect us, since we don’t get “liver stones”, or liver pain. So why should we worry about the … Read more

Food Prep–A Lost Art?

I just spent the day preparing all my vegetables for the week. Keep in mind that I grew half of them and got the rest from an organic farmer that I have an agreement with. I know exactly how these vegetables were grown, and when they were picked. This is an important goal for me, … Read more

The Great Vegetable Challenge, Part 2

Did you eat all your vegetables this week? We have gone to the farmer’s market and bought some great looking veggies. Or got them from our favorite farmer, or grew them ourselves. (If you grow them, you will eat them!) We had great intentions to use them all, but we didn’t quite get to them. … Read more

The Great Vegetable Challenge, Part 1

  The Great Vegetable Challenge, Part 1 It is now summer, and vegetables are in great supply. This is when I know you “hear” me saying “EAT THOSE FRESH, HEALTHY VEGGIES!!!” But just because they are available, doesn’t mean they are easy to include in our diets. Looking at the pretty grocery store display makes … Read more

Aromatase Inhibitors and Cancer Treatment

I was watching television the other day and heard this commercial about this new medication for treating breast cancer, it is an aromatase inhibitor.  An aromatase inhibitor, as you may not know, is something that prevents sex hormones like testosterone, from converting to estrogen.  However, I know aromatase inhibitors in a different manner. Aromatase Inhibitors … Read more