Don’t like vegetables?

Boy have I heard that one! For many people, their only exposure to vegetables has been the overcooked, bland mixtures their mothers made for them and were “forced” to eat. They have a really bad taste in their mouth (pun intended) for vegetables. Let’s just say, you may be prejudice. You have made an assumption … Read more Don’t like vegetables?

Relaxing is a skill you can learn

Do you ever find yourself laying on the massage table, ready to relax every muscle on your body, and somehow you feel stiff as a board?  You have probably come in from a busy workday, with your mind in a problem solving state.  It’s trying to remember all the details you have to remember, solve … Read more Relaxing is a skill you can learn

How to Make a Delicious Smoothie

Why do I always show pictures of smoothies? I love smoothies, it’s true.  They are the best way of not having to eat a salad everyday.  Honestly?  I am so lazy it would make your head spin.  I know that if I start my day with tons of healthy foods and superfoods, that I don’t … Read more How to Make a Delicious Smoothie