What is Insulin Resistance?

You may have heard that pre-diabetes and diabetes can be caused by something called insulin resistance. It sounds like something is resisting insulin, and that’s correct, but do you know what is actually happening? Insulin Resistance happens at the cellular level. This is pretty geeky, and not absolutely technically correct. However, it’s my “layman’s” best … Read more

The Logic of Losing Weight

You would think with all the diet books, all the research done, and all the trials and effort, there would have been a solution to the problem of losing weight, which so many seem to struggle with. I think all the solutions are out there, even though they seem to conflict with each other. My … Read more

The Tale of Two Car Owners

Take two car owners. Both have beautiful Mercedes that they are proud of. They wash them and keep them clean, and are very happy to get around in their vehicles. However, one of the owners feels that this car may be expensive to keep up, so she decides to use the cheapest gas she can … Read more

Self Care Isn’t Selfish!

I know most people realize they need to take care of themselves. However, many people think that if they spend “extra” time on themselves, like rest and relaxation, or something especially kind, like getting a massage, that they are being selfish. My goal is to show you that helping yourself is essential for helping others. … Read more

Why We Have No Elders

The Balance Between New and Old Actually, I wanted to call this article “Conservative or Liberal, throwing the baby out with the bathwater”! But that sounds political, and this is not about politics, although it might be. To me, the term “conservative” means “conserving the wisdom of our past”, and liberal means “liberating ourselves from … Read more

Does Your Liver Need a Rest?

  Does Your Liver Need a Rest? Liver, the unglamorous liver! It’s not a “sexy” organ like the heart. It doesn’t have exercises around it like breathing exercises for the lungs. It doesn’t even seem to really affect us, since we don’t get “liver stones”, or liver pain. So why should we worry about the … Read more

Breast Health Awareness: Diagnostic Tools

This is the last in a series of articles on breast health awareness. I started the series with my first article, talking about the anatomy of the breast, and the lymph system. My second article was about restrictions of the breast and what we put on our skin. My third article was about nutrition and … Read more