Can We Talk Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

Why is weight loss such a problem? Many people think weight loss is really difficult, yet almost everyone is able to do it.  The problem is, most people usually lose weight only to gain it back.  Unfortunately, we often lose it again and gain it again, creating a cycle of “yo-yo” dieting”.  On the other … Read more

Weightloss Strategies for the Holidays


Why would I write an article on weight LOSS during the holidays?  (First of all, if you don’t need to lose weight, you don’t need to read this, unless you have a friend you want to help.) Doesn’t everyone know that most of us GAIN weight during this time?  Maybe it’s because my first strategy … Read more

Earthing, Grounding and Walking Barefoot

…uncommon secrets to vibrant health A number of years ago, I went to a health conference where there were some odd wires hooked up to every chair.  We were to attach these wires to our bodies, preferably our hands. There was a patch that we could stick to our hand to snap the wire on … Read more

Why I Love My Minimalist Shoes

…and other crazy Patti ideas Someone recently told me of an exciting “new thing” they had just learned, and it’s something I have taught and talked about for many years.  In fact, how someone could know me and not know about some of the things I feel strongly about amazes me.  It also occurred to … Read more

Fasting, Intermittent Fasting, and Ketosis

Many people ask me what I think of intermittent fasting, and others ask about what “ketosis” is all about. If you are new to these terms, or confused, I hope to try to clarify these terms and explain their purposes and advantages. I’m not saying that everyone should fast, in fact, there are people who … Read more

The Problem with the “This for That” Approach

The Diagnosis/Cure Mindset I recently watched a holistic health practitioner give advice, and most of it was great advice.  However, what struck me is that many times people in the “natural health” field fall into the same trap as the allopathic (AMA) medical field: find a diagnosis and “prescribe” a “cure”, which really isn’t a … Read more

Here we go again, it’s weight gain season!

I know I sound like the Grinch that Stole Christmas, but most of us feel that way in January, when we have gained that 10 pounds we swore we weren’t going to gain.  Usually about this time of year I am trying to tell folks to ease up on the cascade of sweets and treats … Read more

What is Calorie Density?

Calorie density is not a new idea, it has been called energy density, and volume eating.  Barbara Rolls wrote a book called The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, which probably got the idea to the public.  It’s basically the idea of eating foods that have a lower number of calories per pound, or maybe even what may … Read more

Food Addiction?

There is a concept of “food addiction” that has hit the weight loss world.  I would like to explain this phenomenon and bring up some of the finer points that really don’t get talked about our understood very well. Have you ever wondered why people don’t get “addicted” to broccoli?  Well, maybe not.  We get … Read more